How to choose cot bed for baby?

The main features of how to choose a safe and comfortable cot for baby.

Buying a cot or cot bed, do not pay attention only to the price and how it look. There are several important facts that will help to orient in a variety range of cots.

Cot  should be "natural"

The best material for children's cot and cot beds at all times considered is a wood. It breathes well and gives the baby body breathes. Some individual parts can be made of plastic or metal - most important, that persantage of such details were not be too many, so that they doesn't hit child. Do not think that it is easy to define from  which material is made the cot. So do not hesitate to asked a health certificate in which is written, which materials is used of  and how it  "harmless."

Pine, alder, birch, beech, maple are considered  as the best material for a cot and cot bed.

Bumpers and bottom of  the cot

When the baby has not yet sat down and does not rise, depth cot may be small, it will greatly facilitate the lives of parents, which will be easier to take the child out of the cot and put it back. However, once the child goes to active - crawl phase of his life, the depth of beds (distance from the mattress to the upper rim) should be at least 60-65 centimeters, so that the child could not fall in a fit of curiosity. As a rule, in many cots the height of the bottom can adjust with age of baby.

Distance between the bars of the lattice in a cot

The best distance is 5-6 centimeters. The logic ofcalculation is simple  - in the gaps between the slats should not be stuck arms, legs, or the baby's head. The distance between the bars, as well as the height of sides - it questions the safety of your child, so when buying a cot is better not to be lazy, armed with a ruler or tape measure and measure all by yourself.

The bottom of the cot

Ideally, the bottom of the cot should be rack. Often cot with a solid bottom cheaper, but the mattresses do not "breathe” condition. This aspect is important, so how to protect themselves from the “night of trouble” practically impossible, and the drying effects of bad mattress can be the reason of mold appearance.