Mattress - Coconut “carpet”, polyurethane foam, buckwheat husk

Children’s bilateral orthopedic mattresses “No Spring”, designed for the new born babies, from the first days of life.

Each of the three layers of the mattress is made of high quality raw material, which ensures the security and usability.

  1. Buckwheat husk - the top layer of the mattress. It is known for its health properties. It contains a very large amount of Rutin (vitamin C - 5 %), which has strong antioxidant properties, which prevent oxidation. Buckwheat husks prevent the development of mites. This is due primarily to therein Tannin, which effectively prevents the development of microorganisms. Buckwheat husks are ideal for a child's body. Because between the shells of buckwheat husk, plenty of storage space and air circulates easily. Mattress has excellent thermal properties, not warmed by natural heat generated by the body, minimizes perspiration, and prevents skin diseases.
  2. Polyurethane foam - is the middle layer mattress. Synthetic, environmentally friendly material (foam). An important indicator showing characteristics of the polyurethane foam is the density and stiffness, the height of which varies depending on the model of the mattress. Polyurethane foam is formed foam block. It’s modern technology of production for a long time and retains its properties form. High quality foam, enriched with special channels to ensure good air flow is ideal for a child's body.
  3. Coco mat - the bottom layer of the mattress. Coco mat is made ​​from natural materials. It is made from coconut fiber. Durable elastic coir heated in a furnace to a temperature of about 120 ° C. The high temperature ensures a sterility plate kills any bacteria and microbes. Used in mattresses for better air circulation, because stove coir mat is composed of 65 % air. Coconut fiber does not emit toxins and other substances that may affect the skin and respiratory system. Coconut mat serves as antibacterial ball and inhibit the growth of mites. Coir mat has several important properties for health. Coconut fiber is breathable, which does not absorb odors do not accumulate and is not absorbed and does not stop moisture (liquid). Very healthy.

Mattresses’ is bending, i.e. easily adapts to the shape of the body and not yet permanently deformed as a result of use.

The mattress has anti-allergic properties, because coconut fiber is cellulose (wood), natural raw materials, recommended by doctors.


  • Filling: Coco mat, foam rubber, buckwheat husk
  • Removable zip pouch
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Does not absorb odors
  • Medium hardness
  • Adapted to the shape of the body is not deformed shape
  • Prevents the development of mites
  • Not warmed by body heat
  • Two-sided